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Our story

We met only three weeks after the earthquake. It was September 2016. A word of mouth, a hearth, old friendships, but above all a great desire to leave again..
The desire to create an organic agricultural chain was born to rediscover ancient traditions and enhance the gastronomic heritage of Amatrice.

The project has created opportunities for aggregation, discussion, parties and celebrations for the harvest. Participation in concerts, fairs and cultural events allowed the project to be promoted and supported. A work carried out by volunteers in Padua and Rome together with the farmers of Amatrice.

An agricultural supply chain was created right from the start, supported and promoted by leading organic companies such as Alce Nero and by national organizations such as Legambiente. It was thus possible in 2018 to design our first products, first of all the Apple and Cinnamon shortbread biscuits.
In 2019 a joint stock company was born in the form of a social enterprise to promote the Biodistretto di Amatrice. In 2020 we started marketing our first products under our brand: flours, pappardelle, fettuccine and tagliatelle. The beginning of a beautiful series of products from the beautiful Amatrice area.

We immediately searched for ancient cereal seeds already present in the area.

Thanks to some proven aids, we bought 12 km of electro-welded mesh to protect our crops from wildlife.

The training and awareness work with farmers, combined with the desire to develop their own brand, convinced all the members to invest in a thresher and in a laboratory / warehouse in Amatrice.