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Our project

Amatrice Terra Viva is an organic agricultural chain that enhances the soft wheat / spelled cereal vocation of the Lazio region and particularly enhances the gastronomic tradition of the Amatrice area.

Our lands were sown organically precisely to consolidate the idea of a Biodistrict in a vast area of central Italy, a reality now consolidated with the birth of the “Terraviva” Biodistrict which will bear our name. The rediscovery of ancient grains underlines the value above all of small agricultural producers who as custodians, every day with courage, face the competition of the large market and still choose to produce quality grains. We have rediscovered, therefore, the Solina wheat, the Terramare wheat, enhanced the spelled already present, the legumes and the potatoes.
The business idea is to offer the consumer processed products, either by us or by supply chain partners, to offer a variety of products and rediscover the richness of an uncontaminated area like Amatrice. The company is controlled by farmers and with them plans the sowing, varieties, quality and quantity of production in compliance with shared specifications and in compliance with the regulations of organic farming.

We are convinced that an adequate crop rotation keeps our lands fertile, makes mountain agriculture sustainable and guarantees a high standard of quality of production.

The company immediately applied for Bio certification, purchased the farmers' product and activated a series of wheat processing agreements with leading Italian companies.

We immediately purchased a combine harvester to offer a service to our associates and guarantee them a high and constant quality of the harvest.