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Alce Nero is a reality that brings together organic farmers who have been involved since 1978 in producing good food, the result of an agriculture that respects the land and its fertility. It unites more than 1.000 farmers in Italy and over 10.000 small family farms in Central and South America.

Alce Nero has supported the idea of creating an organic agricultural supply chain in Amatrice since the first weeks. During the rhyme sowing he contributed to facilitate the purchase of fences and seeds, also offering the necessary agronomic advice.
The discovery of Solina wheat and its characteristics convinced the company to launch a new product: the Apple and Cinnamon shortbread.

Alce Nero organic apple and cinnamon follini are prepared with Italian Solina soft wheat, a very ancient variety of wheat, whose first evidence of cultivation dates back to the early sixteenth century.

The dough of this shortbread, without eggs and without butter, is obtained with extra virgin olive oil which ensures the right friability, while cinnamon and apple cubes make it greedy and perfect for breakfast.

Solina soft wheat is a very ancient variety of wheat, the first evidence of its cultivation dates back to the early sixteenth century. Its rusticity makes it particularly suitable for cultivation with organic farming methods where, thanks to its high size, it is able to compete with weeds. Solina wheat is grown in the most suitable areas of central Italy.